Bazooka Joe Comics 1984

In 1984 the same 45 comics from 1983 were used in several formats.


This set is numbered 1 through 45 and has a value of 10 comics. The gum was sold in the form of standard sticks in a foil wrapper. Here is an advertisement for this product. I have seen complete sets of these for sale that only go up to 39. I cannot currently disprove that. A visitor to this site has reported that these sticks of gum were also included in packs of Cindi Lauper cards.


Here are three different sets. The first is glossy with yellow accents, numbered 84-1 through 84-45. The distribution of comics in each box was not very good. A recent box of 120 pieces had the same 13 comics over and over. The second is nearly identical with non-glossy paper and orange accents, some of the offers are different. This is the only set that I have seen exceed the number 39. The third, I only have a couple of so far, is an all white background, numbered 1-45 without any offers.

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