Bazooka Joe Comics 1963 (Series VE3)

The precise labeling of 1963 comics is not certain. The series beginning with D3 are definitely from 1963 and the D1-63 series is very likely from 1963 but the mystery is the VE3 series. Before I had any D3 or D1-63 comics, I thought all VE3 comics were 1963 but the address and zip codes do not match. All 1963 comics used Brooklyn 32, NY with no zip code. During 1964 the Brooklyn address added a zip code and then by the end of 1964, all addresses were St. Paul, MN. VE3 series shows St. Paul so most likely is not 1963 but later. I will leave them here until I find a better answer.

Below is an uncut strip that would have originally been part of a roll that held about 50,000 comics.

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